The children’s menu is for all children aged 2-12 years who would prefer to not have the adult meal. We recommend that if a child is under 2 years old that you may wish to arrange with the parents to bring something more suitable. Guests aged 13 years and over are charged at the full adult rate but are welcome to have the children’s meal if they wish.

Please select 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert for all children
All children will receive the same meal



A selection of mini savoury and sweet treats

£4.25 per guest + VAT (2019)
£4.50 per guest + VAT (2020)
£4.75 per guest + VAT (2021)



Fruit salad plate of melon, berries, orange and kiwi

Raw vegetable platter with toasted pitta bread and houmous

Breadsticks and apple slices with Philadelphia cheese

Doughballs with garlic butter



Grilled chicken breast, potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables

Cottage pie with peas

Mac ‘n’ cheese, salad and garlic bread

Pork sausages, mash, peas and gravy

Margarita pizza with vegetable sticks

Fish goujons, chips and beans

Buttermilk chicken goujons, chips and peas

Lasagne, salad and garlic bread



Mini chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

Strawberry jelly with berries

Individual tub of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate buttons, mini marshmallows and a wafer

Individual tub of vanilla ice cream with assorted berries

£29.00 per guest + VAT (2019)
£29.75 per guest + VAT (2020)
 £30.50 per guest + VAT (2021)