Frequently Asked Questions


How do we work out the timings for the day?

Most civil ceremonies take approx 30 minutes, drinks receptions with photos and canapés approx 1 hour and 15 minutes, 15 minutes for seating guests, wedding breakfast approx 2 hours 30 minutes and coffee in the East Barn whilst the South Barn is prepared for your evening entertainment approx 1 hour.  These approximate timings are to be used as a guide and may differ from your intended plans. We will work through an itinerary with you to plan out your day in more detail.


What access do we have to the venue prior to our event?

We are on site at the venue from 9am on your wedding day but would suggest that yourselves and your suppliers do not arrive before 10am so that we have time to do any heavy moving. The cottage is not available until 12 noon, so whilst you can arrive from 10am to decorate the venue, there is still strictly no access to the cottage until 12 noon.


Is there any equipment on site that we can use? 

We have table number stands, a cake table, a cake knife, two easels, six highchairs, ten 6ft trestle tables, fourteen 6ft round tables, two 7ft round tables and three 5ft 6in round tables.  Included in all menus are white tablecloths and white napkins for your required numbers based on a top table for 8 – 10 guests (long or round) and round tables of 10 for all remaining guests.


When do we drop off drinks that we have provided?

We ask for drinks to be dropped off between 9am and 12 noon the day before your wedding so that we have adequate time to check what has been delivered and get it all chilled for the next day.


What happens if guests drop out or we need to add a guest?

We ask for final guest numbers 6 weeks before your event date and invoice your final balance 4 weeks before your wedding day. Once this final invoice has been sent we are unable to reduce your guest numbers or offer you a refund. Clients who find themselves with absent guests usually upgrade an evening guest to fill the vacancy. We are happy to add to your guest numbers after your final invoice has been sent, right up until 3 days before your wedding day. In this instance we will invoice you separately for these additions with payment due via BACS immediately. If additions to guest numbers or last minute equipment hire are requested less than 3 days before the wedding date, we will endeavour to accommodate these requests and payment will be deducted from your £250 damages/prepayment deposit. If additional costs and/or damages amount to more than £250 (plus VAT) then an invoice will be issued for the additional amount and will be payable within 7 days of the invoice date.


Is the Stable Bar open before our civil ceremony?

Yes, it is. Why have your friends meeting at a different place and then arriving late when they could meet you at the Upwaltham Barns in plenty of time for a relaxing drink prior to your ceremony. It is also a very welcome sight to those who have travelled for several hours to get to the venue and may not have had time to stop for refreshments. During the winter months the bar area is cosy and snug with a roaring fire and in summer drinks can be enjoyed outside in the front garden. The only restriction we have at this time is that drinks are not permitted in the East Barn for 1 hour prior to the ceremony. Guests will be given plenty of notice to finish their drinks before the ceremony commences.


Are children allowed pens at the tables? (This may apply to adults too!)

We would strongly advise that children are not provided with colouring pens or crayons that permanently damage table linen and fabrics as all damages arising from this are chargeable.  Tablecloths are charged at £40.00 + VAT each and napkins at £5.00 + VAT each.  We would advise the use of sticker books as an alternative to colouring books to keep children entertained. Damage caused by adults using pens at the table is also chargeable.


What happens if tableware, linen or equipment gets broken or damaged?

With our package menus you are covered for £25.00 worth of breakages or damages so for most clients this is sufficient. On rare occasions damages exceed the £25.00 and in this instance we will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible, either on the day or the following morning, of any damages that may exceed this figure. Payment for any damaged items will be deducted from your £250 damages/additional costs prepayment deposit with any remaining balance repaid to you 21 days after the event. If additional costs and/or damages amount to more than repaid to you 21 days after the event. If additional costs and/or damages amount to more than £250 (plus VAT) then an invoice will be issued for the additional amount and will be payable within 7 days of the invoice date.

We do not prohibit the use of items that may cause permanent damage, such as children’s colouring pens, ink stamp pads (finger print trees), permanent pens, coloured table decorations or unseasoned log slices, however, we recommend against the use of these products.


Do you serve the wine by the glass or leave the bottles on the tables?

We can do either. Most couples prefer for the bottles to be left on the tables for guests to help themselves to with the waiting staff replenish the bottles as required. However, some couples prefer for guests to have their wine served and this is then offered before each course.  In either case, a dedicated wine waiter or waitress will be present throughout the wedding breakfast.


Who directs all the guests?

Usually someone from the bridal party acts as a Master of Ceremonies. This is often the Best Man or Best Woman but may also possibly be an usher, a relative or a friend. Some couples employ the services of a professional Master of Ceremonies.  Whatever you decide, our Front of House manager will liaise with the allotted person and help them to keep, as closely as possible, to the agreed itinerary for the day.


Once the Stable Bar is open in the evening, what happens to the alcohol we have provided?

Nibbles2Nosh serve your drinks up until the final course of the meal. When you vacate the South Barn for coffee, which will be served in the East Barn or outside, you are welcome to take your glass and any bottles of uncorked wine with you. Once the Stable Bar has reopened for the evening we are unable to uncork any more of the alcohol you have provided. The Stable Bar are happy that there is an interim period after your meal has finished, when they are open, in which to drink up your uncorked bottles but this is restricted to 1 hour, which usually coincides with returning to the South Barn for the beginning of the evening’s entertainment.  Any leftover unopened bottles will be stored for you to collect in the morning.


What time do we have to collect our belongings the following morning?

You are required to vacate the cottage by 10am the following morning and would then collect your other belongings (table decorations, flowers, left over alcohol) straight after this. We would hope that your belongings have been collected up and packed in cars by 11am.